Business View Magazine | February 2021

14 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 changing their nexus rules with regard to activities conducted at conferences and trade shows, a result of the landmark Wayfair vs. South Dakota decision. Associations should consider careful consultation with their CPAs and attorneys to mitigate any overlooked risks in these and other areas. • Intentional Events: As in-person events begin to make a comeback, associations should thoughtfully consider how they can optimize these events to create extra time and space for small relationship-building moments between attendees. After so much time spent social distancing, members will be placing more value on these opportunities for personal connection than ever. • Relationship Nurturing: Working with other professional advisors to relay information and resources to members will help associations emphasize their value and nurture member relationships. Associations should also consider strategies like trial memberships to attract new prospects. • Privacy Considerations: Continued virtual meetings and events will mean continued increased privacy considerations for associations. Associations must review and update their privacy standards to ensure the protection of sensitive member data when information is being shared virtually. Final Thoughts Despite the challenges they have faced in an increasingly virtual landscape, associations are more important now than ever. This year finds members hyper-focused on two of associations’ most defining functions: connection and opportunity. Professionals in every industry are both open to and eager for collaboration, and associations are in a unique position to create valuable spaces for members to connect. After months of distance and uncertainty, now is the critical comeback moment for associations: they must leverage the opportunity to optimize and emphasize the value that only they can provide.