Business View Magazine | February 2021

116 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2021 “But that shift wasn’t about starting from scratch with everything. We simply said, ‘Alright, let’s adjust our priorities and put more activity towards residential’.” As a result, BBH was able to secure a significant number of senior and apartment living clients, which built the bridge partway across the chasm that COVID-19 had created. At the same time BBH doubled-down on its Las Vegas efforts. “We approached our casino market contacts collaboratively to see if we could help in some way,” Troutwine says. “There were entities in Las Vegas – again, terribly hit by the pandemic environment – that had the foresight to accept our invitation to look to the future, and to try to take advantage of building closures to prepare for their reintroduction. I’m going to specifically call out Phil Ruffin, who owns Treasure Island and Circus Circus, as one of those visionaries that was in the position to give an emphatic, ‘Yes’.” In early December 2020, BBH announced that it would be delivering a ‘quintuple-play’ of five guest-facing services to Treasure Island Las Vegas, offering coordinated content to on-site guests via a new Treasure Island mobile app and in-room ITV, as well as public and guest- room Wi-Fi and DirecTV channel programming. Then, on December 15th, BBH announced its agreement to design, install, and support guestroom Wi-Fi and DirecTV programming, and to design and launch the Circus Circus Las Vegas mobile app for guest Android and iPhones. A third area to receive more attention and investment was BBH’s low voltage cabling practice. “We reminded our good customers that we had certain capabilities,” offers Troutwine. “Not only could we deliver services on the existing hotel infrastructures, but we could actually lay some of that infrastructure ourselves. That just enhanced our all-in-one, ‘total unified technology solutions’ message and created some new revenue opportunities for us that we hadn’t anticipated.” Now, having been selected as a key technology partner (including