Business View Magazine | February 2020

94 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 those three companies. Even though our Airport has been here for many decades, we’re still small and we’re still a tight-knit community. So, we have these startups coming in and they’re in a position to grow along with us and that is really exciting for us. And, we do have a restaurant interested in coming into the Airport. That remains a very big interest of ours – getting a restaurant here.” Hume adds that the most exciting thing on his agenda is the Airport’s growing relationship with Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight company that is developing commercial spacecraft with the aim of providing suborbital space flights to space tourists, as well as suborbital launches for space science missions. “Their world headquarters is now located in Las Cruces, New Mexico and we’ve developed some great relationships with their leadership,” Hume states. “Having a company with the cachet of Virgin Galactic here in our own backyard is a huge positive for us.” PREFERRED VENDOR n New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory UAS Flight Test Site (NMSU/PSL UAS Flight Test Site)