Business View Magazine | February 2020

80 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 very specific needs in mind,” he says. “We tailored everything—product blending, product segregation, all the things that were important to our customer. Behind that expansion project, which should be completed in early 2020, we have a few hundred-thousand barrels of additional capacity that can be built that we’re working on developing. Within the next year or so, Harvey will reach its full potential of approximately 2.5 million barrels of capacity.” PREFERRED VENDOR n DXP Enterprises DXP Enterprises, Inc. is a recognized industry leader of fluid and gas process rotating equipment. DXP’s offer includes flagship, industrial products, PumpWorks (a DXP manufactured pump), engineering support, selection services and extensive repair capabilities. DXP’s facilities are located throughout the United States, and are ready to handle your most challenging applications.