Business View Magazine | February 2020

70 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 Business Development folks. But being honest and maintaining relationships is our number one priority.” Smith’s second most important objective, and a challenging one at that, is finding good talented people, training them, and growing their skills. “I’ve been in my position here for about 12 years and it has never been easy to find good people,” he submits. “As it’s gotten more difficult, we’ve adapted and are trying to work with local colleges to get a feel for some of the people who have the skill sets that we’re looking for and bringing them on earlier, and providing a real learning opportunity for the people when they come onboard. We’re not set up to just train people, but continuous, on-the-job learning is something that we can definitely offer new graduates. And, if we can grow our engineers that we already have in-house, that would be really exciting – to see them move up in ability.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Banner Bank