Business View Magazine | February 2020

59 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 PER IDOT , INC . bring more manufacturing resources in-house to reduce the supply chain. In the area of metal castings – a key cornerstone of the business – the aim is to have the ability to pour metal in the facility; also, to bring injection molding into the facility; and continue to enhance its additive manufacturing arsenal. These objectives provide a synergistic approach to grow vertical in the way of doing more production work - the more complex the program, the more Peridot excels at providing tailored solutions. Innovative partnerships and long-standing relationships are priceless and Hockemeyer acknowledges their team has been blessed in that department. For instance, a growing relationship with a nearby university has allowed Peridot to significantly expand its knowledge-base and utilize world class resources in engineering and manufacturing systems. Success is not solely based on a type of machine, a single contact, or luck; but with a talented team of people that believe in what they do and share a passion for providing a solution to benefit a customer. This is the basis of Peridot’s success - from its experienced technicians and engineers to its partnership of dedicated manufacturers’ sales reps that do an excellent job of representing Peridot’s services and capabilities. At its roots, Peridot is an advanced manufacturing and supply chain company. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a start-up idea, a company with a specific prototype project, or a blue chip company needing a solution to a full program – if you have a challenge or a new product innovation needing a solution to produce that product, Peridot has a very strong shot at being your complete turn-key solution. Looking to the future, Hockemeyer states, “I’m confident that the opportunity is there, the customer base is there that needs our products and services. We simply need to be aggressive in getting the word out. Partnering with a company like ours is becoming more important to OEMs