Business View Magazine | February 2020

21 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 Mike Smith - President, Norwest Engineering: “How important it is to listen to employees; to be a better listener, because sometimes things get lost in translation.” Isabel Picard - PR Manager, Cora Breakfast and Lunch: “It was a question of passion. When our founder, Cora Mussely Tsouflidou speaks to her employees passion is always at the core of her discussions. So, for me passion was the lesson for 2019.” Leif Zars II - Owner, Gary Pools: “Finding the right people, instilling optimism in them, and nurturing their relationship with the company. The people you employ, how you treat them, the culture you build is a huge part of the business. It’s not much talked about, but it’s been critical for turning around my business – taking it in a 180.” Dave Hockemeyer - Founder & President, Peridot Inc.: “We had some hiccups along the way and as we come into 2020, I want to remain aggressive because the opportunity is there; the customer base is there. We simply need to get the word out.” Mike Kelly - Business Development Manager Advanced Composites, Vetorply: “Never give up and always know there’s a pathway to success for your customers and yourself, if you have an open and innovative mind.” Ralph Cerullo - VP of Sales & Marketing, Advanced Pavement Group: “Our people are our greatest asset. When we have successes or are facing challenges, that is what we keep at the forefront as we continue Power Question “What is the most important lesson you learned in 2019?”