Business View Magazine | February 2020

146 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 Health Canada with no objections to conduct a clinical study. We’ll be conducting that study with the University of British Columbia, once we get all the licensing in order. We have secured and designed the study, and we’re going to try to reduce the amount of opioids people are given in orthopedic surgery. So, for us to get into a real relationship with a larger LP for marketing, they would have to have the same vision we have.” Eric Malinski, Canntab’s Director of Marketing, responds, “Right now, the doctors who would like to prescribe cannabis don’t have a proper medical solution; nothing that has a very accurate dose between pills, or a timed-release formulation. They have oils that you drip on your tongue, and pot that you smoke. So it’s sort of a two-phase approach, in the sense that they’ll become aware of this true medical solution and that will get some traction for our product. And when we have the clinical trials and are capable of making medical claims, that will be another step above. So, there is significant room to grow TORONTO | NEW YORK | MIAMI INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CROSS-BORDER ADVICE COMPLEX LITIGATION CORPORATE MATTERS ................................................................ Magyar, Bogle & O’Hara LLP Providing exceptional advice on complex and strategic legal issues WWW.MBOLLP.COM on that front. And a lot of it has to do with awareness of a medical solution, because there just isn’t one.” As for the next steps, Renwick says, “Now that we’ve secured our strategy for the U.S. and have a deal in place that facilitates that, we’re going to put more effort into evaluating a European business model now. We have a number of leads in the U.K., strong potential in eastern Europe, a few companies in Germany that have expressed interest, and a company out of Spain, as well. In the meantime, our Markham facility is very close to becoming licensed and that will be a pivoting point for us. It moves us from development to manufacturing and marketing. We’ll need to do a lot of business development, going from having no revenue to having revenue, and that’s a significant change of gears. The first part of 2020 is going to be transformational for this company in a big way.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Magyar, Bogle & O’Hara LLP