Business View Magazine | February 2020

140 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2020 entrepreneurs that are putting their hard-earned dollars into bringing this community back to life. Now the great part is, as that’s happening, outside developers are taking notice and they’re finding that this is a very affordable place to do business; it’s on the beginning of something great and different and maybe they should get involved. And that’s why we’re seeing these big apartment projects and business expansions, and so on.” BVM: Any last thoughts that you would like to leave with our readers? Miller: “I have lived in the city of Ashland and the Ashland area all my life, and it’s been incredible, these last two years, to see what is enfolding in this community. We are cleaning up the old and sweeping it away, and in its place we are bringing things that are exciting and new. And everyone who has lived here, even those who are much older than I am, comment that it’s truly remarkable to see the transformation that is happening and happening so quickly in this city. “And I believe that it’s due to a number of factors, including the fact that we are located halfway between Cleveland and Columbus on a major interstate. But, we are also a peaceful community, a safe community, with a cost of living that is ranked 7th lowest for a city our size in the Midwest. And it is a community where all of the traditional American values that people appreciate are still alive and well. And by that, I mean: duty, honor, and personal responsibility. And I think that’s becoming more and more attractive to folks as they look for a place to raise their families.” PREFERRED VENDOR n charles river