Business View Magazine | February 2019

80 water, sewer, sidewalks, and so forth to the remain- ing 125 acres. So,we anticipate that this is going to be a tremendous growth opportunity-not only for the industrial park having proximity to the Airport, but visa versa.”The Airport, itself, covers some 1,600 acres, so there is ample room for growth within its perimeter, as well, as time goes on and the local economy continues to expand symbiotically. Schultz believes that Deer Park, like all of the other small airports in the region, has certain unique qualities that set it apart from the others.“We are really a unique airport,”he observes.“And we don’t view ourselves in competition with other airports.” Loomis agrees: “We really do complement the other airports in the area.There are folks who like to utilize specific airports.We all have different per- sonalities and, I think, that’s part of the attraction. For example,we are in an excellent geographical position, here, especially for training and instru-