Business View Magazine | February 2019

51 Not to be left behind, the company has embraced the advent of digital marketing. Fotofab Market- ing Coordinator, ClancyAmadei, reports,“In the last couple of years,we’ve been transitioning our marketing strategy from print to digital advertis- ing.We revamped our website with a focus on SEO, began running ad campaigns through paid search, and work closely with our partner agency,TopSpot, running the day-to-day efforts. Fotofab continues to exhibit at tradeshows and promote brand aware- ness through trade publications like this one.” In the coming years, the industry is headed toward tighter tolerances and finer features. For example: to make power supplies smaller, theymust oper- ate at higher frequencies, creating a greater need for shielding and heat dissipation.Another area of change is the types of metals customers are asking to be used in fabrication. Exotic metals are required for some medical, aerospace, and scientific applica- tions because of their unique properties.The same properties can be challenging when the metal is etched, stamped, or formed. Fotofab has developed proprietary approaches to overcoming these chal- lenges, so it is able to deliver parts comparable to those made of more compliant metals. Cohen emphasizes,“If you’re not able to produce finer features and tighter tolerances, you’ll be left behind.That’s part of the new capital initiatives we’re working on.We have a philosophy: we do what we say and honor what we said.We take a lot of pride in exceeding our customers expectations and holding a high standard of quality.This value has kept us in business for 50 years and we look forward to improving upon ourselves over the next 50 years.” PREFERREDVENDOR AXIS Benefits Consultants, Inc. As an Alera Group Company,AXIS Benefits Con- sultants works nationwide providing innovative companies with creative and sustainable employee benefit solutions. Charles Cohen,President Michael Leff,VP Sales Marketing