Business View Magazine | February 2019

47 century printmakers to produce printing plates.The manufacturing process was developed in the early 1900s by the Buckbee Mears Corporation from St. Paul,MN, and further developed by Kodak during the 1960s. Keen to sell more film and photoresist (a light-sensitive material used in several processes, such as photoengraving, to form a patterned coat- ing on a surface), Kodak ran a seminar on how to produce sheet metal parts via photo etching–the Fotofabrication Corporation (now Fotofab, LLC) was founded in 1967 in Chicago, IL as a result of those seminars. Fotofab President, Charles Cohen, has been with the company for 18 years; the past 10 in an ownership capacity. In sharing the backstory, he recounts,“Our founder was inspired to start the company after attending one of Kodak’s photo chemical etching seminars.He began the business in his basement and then spent a fewyears in a small building on