Business View Magazine | February 2019

45 prototype - all the way to large-scale manufacturing, packaging,and distribution.It really covers thewhole spectrum of design and manufacturing within the medtech market.” Haggarty adds that, in addition to the MD&M show, the expo in Anaheimwill feature four other contigu- ous shows,making up one powerful event: WestPack features the latest in packaging design, adhesives, labeling equipment, and smart factory technologies; ATX offers solutions in automation, motion control, and robotics; Design and Manufacturing presents the latest in CAD/CAM, software, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping; and Plastec provides tools, tips, and insights for everything from injectionmolding to next generation polymers that help create parts and products that are stronger, lighter, and more cost- efficient. According toHaggarty,this year’s eventwill have over 30,000 attendees,including 1,900 exhibiting compa- nies that make the components that go into medi- cal devices. “For example, if we were to talk about a wearable device, a good example would be a Fit-Bit,” she explains.“That’s made of plastic, a battery, a digi- tal screen,sensors–all these components youwould actually find at this event, as well as how you manu- facture and package them.So,the peoplewho attend the show are the manufacturers who are looking for components to put these products together. They’re looking for manufacturing partners, sourcing part- ners, and technical solutions. It’s also a fantastic en- vironment for start-ups to get to know the industry better and what’s available in terms of materials and solutions. The industry is changing drastically; 3D printing is becoming more mainstream in manufac- turing and smart factory floors are now very much a reality.” “Then, within the show, we have a conference com- ponent,” Haggarty continues. “Education is a key fac- tor in our shows; we have deep dive technical educa- tion – people want to make their products smarter, their factory floor smarter, and their processes more streamlined with the technologies that are now available.”A full speaker lineup, this year,will include representatives from top OEMs, such as Edwards Lifesciences, Galen Robotics,Merck, and Corinnova. The PhotoGroup