Business View Magazine | February 2019

238 D iamond Freight Distribution Inc. is a family- owned and operated intermodal trucking and transport service provider within the Port of NewYork/New Jersey, that also offers stor- age and container sales.According to the Co-Owner and Vice President of Intermodal Operations,Nick Ferrone, the company was formed in 1987, by Nick’s longshoreman father in response to the demand for empty container repositioning.“The steam- ship lines or leasing companies would either have empty containers that needed to be terminated or repositioned to terminals for export,”he explains. “That was the initial basis of the company.” Today,Diamond Freight Distribution is run by Nick and his brother, James,who came into the business as a teenager, running the company out of a back office in the Ferrone household.“He went straight from high school and continued with the business –dispatching, payroll–prettymuch everything for a small family business,”Nick continues.“I went away to school, came out with a degree, and got involved with prettymuch every other aspect of the business, and from that point on we went from more of a repositioning company to handling ‘door’ deliveries–import and export freight for the entire northeast.”