Business View Magazine | February 2019

217 established. In addition to the subsidiary in Seattle, Herrenknecht has opened a Pipeline Service Hub in Houston in 2018 to assure close customer care for the rising number of HDD Rigs in the market and to underline Herrenknecht´s commitment to the pipeline industry. Laney Directional Drilling Co. is one of the big players in the large diameter pipeline business in the US and an important partner for Herrenknecht for innovative pipeline solutions.Originally com- ing from the HDD business, Laney has successfully opened up new perspectives by implementing Direct Pipe® in their portfolio. Driven by a spirit of innovation to increase flexibility, safety and effi- ciency for challenging pipeline crossings, Laney set important benchmarks in Direct Pipe®. Their ex- pertise and involvement in project design contrib- uted to Direct Pipe® success.After the outstanding levee crossing in Port Arthur in 2015,we send our congratulations to Laney for the first Direct Pipe® Shore Approach in North America, on a record length of 4,900 feet! Kayden Industries USA, Inc.- Kayden Industries is an Environmental company focused on solid-liquid separation. Founded in 1995,we built one of the most robust and reliable centrifuges for oilfield drilling operations. In 2015,we diversified into HDD solids-liquids separation.There was a large need in the HDD industry for large bowl equipment with high processing rates.Our previous experience and reliability quicklymade Kayden the Centrifuge service provider of choice for many of the top HDD contractors including Laney.