Business View Magazine | February 2019

ered and non-tethered inserted devices, ultrasonic scanners, acoustic hydrophone sensors, high fre- quency pipe penetrating radar, and many other new innovative tools that provide vital information such as pipe wall thickness, interior and exterior corro- sion, estimated life expectancy, and risk assessment data. Using these powerful assessment tools,municipali- ties and the contractors they work with can pri- oritize assets and develop the ideal rehabilitation option for their specific situation. In best case sce- narios, these technologies allow limited infrastruc- ture budgets to be allocated to the critical areas in the system identified as top priority. In addition, there is significantly less, to no, disruption in utility service, traffic flows, or local businesses during the assessment period. NorthAmerican Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) NASTT is a not-for-profit engineering society of in- dividuals, public organizations and private compa- nies with strong beliefs in the practical, social, and environmental benefits of trenchless technology. NASTT strives to advance trenchless technology and to promote its benefits for the public and the natural environment by increasing awareness and knowledge, and by providing technical informa- tion, research and development, and education and training. As the world’s premier resource for knowledge and education in trenchless technology,NASTT engages instructors and panelists who are experts in their field to inform and assist public works and con- struction professionals.These volunteer instructors 205