Business View Magazine | February 2019

187 way plaza on the park’s west end, and, potentially, some private restaurant or retail opportunities on the east end. It has become, over the past year or so, a hot bed for entertainment.We’ve had a lot of concerts and events take place at The Town Com- mon, and we’re going to continue to develop that, while also preserving some of the lovely green space that’s there.” All in all, Greenville,North Carolina is, according to Letchworth,“a rapidly growing community that offers a lot of diversity in terms of leisure and cul- tural activities, but also reliant on our medical and university community. “The city provides great service to our residents and there are a lot of great things going on in the com- munity,”echoes Wall.“We’re the gem of the east.” PREFERREDVENDORS Grady-White Boats - Since 1959, Grady-White has been renowned in the boating world for exceptional boats. Consistently ranking as the marine industry leader in customer satisfaction, they build high quality, safe, reliable, boats with superb hull performance and unsur- passed long-term value. Grady-White owners will tell you–There’s no boat built like a Grady! Greenville Utilities Commission - Greenville Utilities provides Electric,Natural Gas, Water, andWastewater utility solutions to one of the fastest growing regions in North Carolina.With exceptional customer service, reliability, and envi- ronmental stewardship at the forefront, Greenville Utilities has the capacity to meet the Greenville region’s utility needs well into the future. Pitt CountyDevelopment Commission Pitt County,North Carolina is the Greenville,NC MSA, one of’s Top 10 Best Small Places for Business and Careers. Go east of Raleigh, to- ward the famous Outer Banks, and you will find us, an economy flourishing with a dynamic combina- tion of manufacturing, education, healthcare and commercial sectors.