Business View Magazine | February 2019

128 T argeted Pet Treats (TPT) of Warren, Pennsylvania, is an industry leader in the innovation and manufacturing of injection molded pet dental treats, and long-lasting chews.“Targeted was founded in 2000,” says company President, GregoryAustin,who, after a ten-year career in the pet food sector, took over the reins of TPT in January 2017. Austin states that,“Prior to pet treats, the co-founders were in the plastic injection molding business,with a company called Moldsmiths.They had the idea of using those same plastic molding presses, but processing food ingredients instead of plastics and molding them into any shape desired.” “The Co-founders knew the technology- they knew how the injection molding process and presses worked, but they did not have any pet contacts for distribution,”Austin continues.“So, they contacted a lo- cal pet food company called Dad’s Pet Care at the time, since renamed Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.Ainsworth thought their idea was great and purchased 55 percent of the company, putting Moldsmiths in the pet food business. From 2000 to 2005, the pet plant operated within the plastics company.They had a couple of presses designated to pet treats, but in 2005, they ventured out into their own facility and incorporated as Targeted Pet Treats, LLC.The first few products were made for Dad’s, or Ainsworth, but since then,we have been making products for other branded pet food companies around the country.”