February 2017 | Business View Magazine

38 39 Anderson Automotive Group AT A GLANCE Anderson Automotive Group WHAT: A family-owned-and-operated group of automobile dealerships WHERE: Raleigh, North Carolina WEBSITE: www.andersonautomotivegroup.com and we all still have pretty limited pricing options. So, it still ultimately comes down to the customer service and the interaction and the relationships and the connections that you can make.” Those relationships begin with the Anderson family and extend to its many employees and customers. Indeed, all of its dealerships brand themselves as The Family Store. “It’s very much a family business,” says Anderson. “I have two sisters who are involved in the business. My dad and I work pretty closely and we’re intentional about keeping it a family business.We have regular family meetings and we have a family strategy for running the business. Most family businesses fail, not because of business-relat- ed issues, but because of family-related issues and family dynamics.We focus a lot on keeping members of the family educated and involved and managing those relationships so that the family dynamics don’t impact the business in a negative way. And we treat our people like we would want any of our family members treated.” Of course, those important relationships also extend to the Group’s many important business partners, including Comerica Bank; the JM&A Group, which offers vehicle insurance, car pro- tection plans, and auto finance services; the Moran Group, a Louisiana-based advertising company; and Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions, the industry leader in automotive