February 2017 | Business View Magazine

184 185 ter. The other benefit is now that we relieved a certain capacity of the plant because the over- strength wastewater is no longer coming, we can accommodate growth.” That growth will likely come as a result of a recent boundary adjustment, wherein the City of Brantford received additional land from Brant County. The first area is located north of the current City boundary and totals 4,500 acres. That land will be utilized for industry, residen- tial, and other related uses including schools, parks, and local commercial uses. Another area of 454 acres will be developed for industri- al use, and a third area of 1,000 acres will be developed for residential. “That means more industry and more residential wastewater com- ing in and we’re hoping that some of that can be accommodated with this capacity that we relieved,” Kongara says. “That’s something that we envisioned at the beginning and it’s reward- ing to see our plans coming to fruition.” In taking an unprecedented approach to working closely with its industrial residents, both the City and its businesses became more financially efficient, and the Grand River, into which the City’s treatment plant recycles its treated water is now cleaner - a win-win-win outcome. Preferred vendors n Hartmann Canada www.hartmann-packaging.com Founded in 1917, Hartmann is the world’s leading manufacturer of mold- ed-fiber egg packaging, a market leader in the production of fruit packaging in South America, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machinery for producing molded-fiber packaging. Hartmann is head- quartered in Gentofte, Denmark. Production takes place at its factories, four of which are located in Europe, one in Israel, four in South America, and one in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. n Easyway www.easyway.ca n Sonoco Canada Corporation www.sonoco.com Brantford, Ontario