February 2017 | Business View Magazine

104 105 who has an outstanding brand experience and wants to own and operate their own location; or a staff member will grow in the system and figure out that they want to move on and own their own location; or both – where a staff member will partner with a client to open a location. That’s been the predominant way that we’ve grown.” As Iron Tribe Fitness continues to develop and mature,Walden says that it will do so by opening more corporate locations. “We enjoy operating the model and feel like that’s one way we can con- tinue to grow the footprint of the brand,” he says. In addition, a big focus will be on ensuring the success of its individual gyms so that their owners will want to open additional units. “And we do want to continue to attract and onboard the right franchisees,” he adds. “We want to get the chain to 100 units, changing the lives of over 20,000 clients.” IRON TRIBE FITNESS Preferred vendor n Defiance Fuel www.defiancefuel.com We help with everything from site selection to lease negotia- tion to project management, all the way to getting their Certifi- cate of Occupancy.” Forrest Walden founder www.defiancefuel.com Supercharge Your Performance! Pioneered in 2000, Defiance Fuel is Earth’s First Water Formulated for Athletic Performance. Chlorine Free. BPA Free. Fluoride Free.