Business View Magazine - Dec 2023

THE REGIONAL PILLAR IN THE SKY I n the realm of aviation, the size of an airport will always come second to the quality of its services. What matters most to the surrounding communities is connectivity. Is this place an impactful hub that can adequately facilitate the traveling motions of the businesses, families, and products flying in and out? An airport’s ascent into that kind of bustling entity is a journey laden with both challenges and opportunities. The twin goals of expanding traffic and deepening community integration require strategic foresight and careful navigation. The methods needed to proceed towards those goals are multifaceted, ranging from infrastructural modification to fostering economic symbiosis with the local community and ecosystem. To secure success, an airport must balance the need for modernization with the imperative of ST. CLAIR COUNTY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 380 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 12