Business View Magazine - Dec 2023

our tenants is the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which operates a single-engine air tanker operation from here. Several local businesses own hangar leases here at the airport, including Horne Automotive, a local business owner who keeps an aircraft here for business purposes.” Additionally, Navajo County collaborates with the airport and the city of Show Low, leasing modular buildings and conducting county business on the property. A VISION FOR GROWTH Considering the future, North remarks on the potential for growth for Show Low, particularly in outdoor-related products and firearms manufacturing, as well as the ongoing significance of medical services. “The assets continue to grow. We’re becoming very active in the nurturing and cultivating of entrepreneurs and business startups. We have a lot of folks that are operating up here, wanting to take advantage of the high quality of life, getting out of the metro areas and creating their own opportunities. We really think the airport is going to be a key part of that growth industry as well.” Offering his thoughts on what comes next for Show Low Regional Airport, Allen concludes, “I think we can look forward to growth here at the airport and in the community. There are a lot of new subdivisions, a lot of people are moving into this community, and tourism continues to grow. The sky’s the limit for the airport here.” PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Beth Williams Reality Executives Arizona Territory have to be transported from this hospital to other hospitals. So, the airport is a main asset that we are thankful to have.” SHOW LOW REGIONAL AIRPORT’S VALUABLE PARTNERSHIPS AND TENANTS North points out the significance of companies such as Aero Products in the community, stating, “Aero Products is a major employer in our area. Although their entire operation is not located at the airport, they do have a presence there and are a significant aviation-related company in our community.” Air ambulance companies such as Guardian Air, Sunrise Air Ambulance, and Native Air are crucial tenants of Show Low Regional Airport, contributing to the facility’s vibrancy. Regarding other valuable partnerships, Allen relays, “One of 378 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 12