Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 12

56 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12 hesitant at first – six months in, I realized it was my calling in life.” That calling echoes those of his predecessors, going back to 1922, when Colt’s great grandfather, Fred Emich, started the company. “My great grandfather started his first motor dealership in Chicago,” says Colt. “He then started Emich Automotive at what was previously the Emich Volkswagen facility here in Denver, Colorado.” Since the family owned another VW dealership less than three miles away, the facility was converted into a used car sales dealership, initially as a stop-gap measure. Colt explains, “We were planning to turn it into a branded dealership, but that option got tied up in court with some contractual challenges that have dragged on for years. As we waited for those issues to resolve, we started selling used cars, which, to our surprise, really took off, turning Emich Automotive into one of the more successful dealerships in Denver.” Emich Automotive is one of several branded dealerships the family owns. Others include Volkswagen and Chevy stores in various Denver suburbs. However, what makes Emich Automotive unique is that it deals exclusively in pre-owned vehicles, while the rest sell a mix of new and pre-owned. The main focus is selling German-made pre-owned vehicles, including AT A GLANCE EMICH AUTOMOTIVE WHAT: An exceptional dealership of top-quality pre-owned vehicles WHERE: HQ in Denver, Colorado WEBSITE: