Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 12

24 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12 BOOKMARKED You may ask, from a business perspective, how does Richard Battle know so much about navigating the life storms that come our way? Well, it helps that he got a head start on the millions of people worldwide that suddenly found themselves working from home. For his entire professional career, he has never lived in the same city as his supervisor. He’s worked remotely for over three decades, and can weigh in on the changing dynamics that are brand new to many but that he’s already experienced. With major changes on the horizon, not just for big companies but for small businesses too, Richard is motivated to share his own life experiences to make the journey for others more fulfilling. At one point in its many thought-provoking chapters, the book asks: What will you regret if you don’t attempt it in our lifetime… Isn’t it possible you might achieve something beyond your wildest imagination? Take some time and seriously think about that. Whether it’s taming the white water in a canoe, taking the plunge with your start-up idea, or soaring to new heights with whatever floats your boat, Richard Battle’s latest book is destined to raise your spirits and get you happily moving forward on your best life journey. About the author Richard V. Battle previously authored six books and has been a public speaker for 30 years on leadership, motivation, faith, sales, and volunteerism. He is a veteran of life’s battles including his experiences surviving an apartment fire, financial destruction, divorce, two heart procedures, cancer, and the loss of his only son. Through it all, he has found a positive outlook and continues to help others to conquer life’s challenges.