Business View Magazine | Volume 8, Issue 12

23 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12 W ith pretty much everything we’d thought of as ‘normal’ being turned upside down over the last couple of years, the quest for peace of mind, security, and a safe haven has been consuming the thoughts of people around the globe. Stress has risen to extreme levels in the workplace and on the home front. In his latest book, Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense In Uncommon Times, veteran business executive and award- winning author Richard V. Battle offers a unique perspective on coping with the challenges of daily living – by inviting us to calm down and embrace the change, both in our business and personal life. Through a wealth of anecdotes, trivia, famous – and not so famous – quotes, and life lessons galore, Battle takes us on a metaphoric river ride, full of optimism and encouragement. And, if the waves of inspiration bring you answers and joy along the way, then his goal has been accomplished. Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense In Uncommon Times is a well-written, engaging compendium and a powerful guide book meant to restore faith and, above all, let us know that we are not alone in these unusual times. By the number, its pages of wisdom include: • 40 proven common-sense principles • 75 inspirational and motivational quotes • 250 examples of principle-proving people, places, and events “Navigating Life’s Journey: Common Sense In Uncommon Times” By Richard V. Battle Richard V. Battle