Business View Magazine | December 2020

434 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 E stablished in 1957, the city of Bellflower is a gem in the densely populated region of southeast Los Angeles County, California. Originally a small farming community, Bellflower is now a thriving city with more than 78,000 residents. There are varying ideas about how the town, once named Firth, came to be known as Bellflower. One controversial story suggests that several influential citizens registered the name without consulting the people of the town, while another says it was drawn from a hat. More likely, the name was connected to the Bellefleur apples, grown in the orchard of early settler William Gregory. With the mission statement, “To protect and enrich the quality of life to make Bellflower an excellent place to live, work, and play,” the city is continuously working to build and develop itself. Of note, the recently