Business View Magazine | December 2020

425 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 PalmBay, Revival season conduct internal business as a government, as an employer of the City; whether you’re talking about the residential component, multi-family and commercial building, or the corporate groups in our community, we’re firing on all cylinders. We’re building a firm foundation to become a more mature city. One that can shed some of the old stigma of being a bedroom community .” The City’s Growth Management Department is in the process of updating the goals and policies of its Comprehensive Plan – the City’s D espite 2020 being a challenging and unpredictable year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the ‘global picture’ of Palm Bay, Florida suggests the kind of solid growth that happens only under the right leadership and favorable economic conditions. Suzanne Sherman, Acting City Manager, says the City of Palm Bay is on a path to reinvent itself; to reestablish its position as a leading community on the Space Coast. “We’re cranking ahead in all aspects,” says Sherman. “Whether you’re talking about how we