Business View Magazine | December 2020

419 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 BOROUGH OF LANSDALE , PENNSYLVANI A present. With 21 parks, two pools, a skate park, and a full-time police department, it is an active, safe, and diverse community for its 17,000 residents. That number is expected to be closer to 18,000 after the latest census is complete. Garry Herbert, Mayor of Lansdale, reports, “Lansdale is extremely busy in terms of infrastructure development. We have been going non-stop on infrastructure repair for the better part of five years.” A major focus involves overhauling of the aging roadways. “We have done about 25% of all the roadways in our community or around 13 miles of road,” says Herbert. “And that is a huge investment. When other communities do roadway work, many just mill and overlay or spot fix problem areas. In Lansdale, will coordinate with our sewer agency and water authority, and we will make sure that we do top to bottom full-scale repair of the roadways. This process will continue until the entire borough has been completed and will take around seven years.” As Lansdale has invested in its infrastructure, more people have wanted to come and invest in the borough, which is an encouraging sign. And the fact that the community is on one of the main train routes that goes in and out of Philadelphia is an added bonus. The borough has a mostly residential tax base with some excellent core businesses – a few that are manufacturing-based ranging from steel manufacturing to spirits. Boardroom Spirits creates vodka, gin, and all kinds of spirits and is ranked as one of the best manufacturers of vodka in the country. Herbert notes, “It is engaged in small-batch production at this time, but they have become a very big name in the area, and the company is about to expand its facility dramatically. It also has some great investment structures, and has been a great partner for us. It is really good to see new businesses coming and investing in the area.” Most of the major residential projects being built in Lansdale at this time fall into two