Business View Magazine | December 2020

417 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 BOROUGH OF LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Life in motion A n attractive community with a fascinating history, the Borough of Lansdale, Pennsylvania sits proudly on three square miles in Montgomery County, a mere 28 miles northwest of bustling Philadelphia but with a small-town identity all its own. The members of the Jenkins family were the earliest settlers in the borough, and at the peak of its growth, the Jenkins homestead occupied about 120 acres of land. During the 1850s, the construction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad led to rapid expansion and growth in Lansdale. The employment opportunities generated by the railroad brought housing, settlers, and many local businesses to the area. In 1972, the Lansdale Historical Society was founded to preserve the rich history of the borough and the greater North Penn area. Today, the Society operates from a two-building complex on Jenkins Avenue, from where that heritage will will be duly shared and showcased as Lansdale approaches its 150th anniversary. Along with its storied past, Lansdale has a lot going for it in the AT A GLANCE BOROUGH OF LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA WHAT: Diverse, forward-thinking community; population 17,000 WHERE: 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia WEBSITE: