Business View Magazine | December 2020

406 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 SSACHUSETTS T he Town of Mansfield, Massachusetts is a thriving hub of Bristol County, in the southwest suburbs of Boston and also close to Providence, Rhode Island. Mansfield was formally established back in 1775 as part of the rich and vibrant history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Its 24,000 residents benefit from an excellent school system and overall great living environment. Mansfield is blessed with a very strong business base and a beautiful downtown that is beloved by the community. It also hosts a commuter rail station that conveniently connects the town directly to Boston and Providence, along with its own Municipal Airport. Mansfield’s School Department consists of five schools, governed and regulated by a Superintendent of Schools, as well as the School Committee. Consistent with the Town’s financial motto of “One town, One vision, One budget”, the Office of the Superintendent of Schools is literally connected to the Town Hall, which reflects the close relationship the Schools share Growth without missing a beat