Business View Magazine | December 2020

380 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 Site Design / Civil • Municipal • Geotechnical & Dam Engineering Water / Wastewater • Survey / GIS • Bridges & Highways Providing quality engineering services to public and private clients since 1972. We are a dynamic, multi-disciplined firm of engineers, planners, landscape architects, bridge and dam engineers, certified inspectors and land surveyors who provide expertise in all of the major areas of civil engineering and land surveying. 888-473-1130 the train station that we’ve zoned for. We’re really trying to knit them in with Whitehouse Station, so we are big on walkways and paths to do that.” Zoning updates to provide for more use along the township’s business corridor and incorporate more walkable spaces have also been undertaken. “We’ve worked hard in terms of creating a sense of place for the community,” Monaco adds. “We take that very seriously and try very hard to keep it.” As a bedroom community Whitehouse Station, which was created when the first railroad came through the area in 1847, is an important link for commuters. “I would say most people work to the east, even into New York City,” explains Albanese. “For commuters, that train line will connect you to New York City; I did that for 15 years. They can also stop along the way to get to Newark or Jersey City, where there are a lot of employment opportunities.”