Business View Magazine | December 2020

375 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 Hamilton Stage. “Here in Rahway, we use the arts as not only something for people to be able to participate in, but also something that drives our economy, especially here in the downtown,” says Giacobbe. “I like to say when we have 1,300 people in those seats, those are 1,300 people coming out and using our shops and services, our bars and restaurants and so forth.” New developments and upgrades in the central business districts over the past 15 years have given the city a renewed outlook. It has gone from a not-so-utilized downtown to a vibrant city center with tremendous life throughout. Of course, infrastructure projects are always on the books, such as a recent multi-million dollar upgrade of the City’s water filtering system. And greening initiatives, including the recent purchase of two electric vehicles for parking enforcement, along with four charging stations with plans for more to come, help the City do its part in sustainability. 1-800-737-1208 • RAHWAY , NEW JERSEY Over the coming years, development initiatives will continue in the downtown, along with the expansion of commercial property warehousing in commercial areas. “If we see a void and it’s something that makes sense and something that we can address, we address it,” states Giacobbe. “We don’t sit on our hands because at the end of the day, quality of life here in the City of Rahway is my main focus. It is my job as Mayor to make sure that we are providing it and that goes from education all the way to property taxes.”