Business View Magazine | December 2020

320 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 level as far as a grocery store. We’re very excited about that.” Infrastructure-wise, Albertville has repaved about 40 percent of the streets in the city and plans to finish the rest within a five-year timespan. COVID-19 has slowed the progress this year, but the municipality hopes to remain on track with the project. Looking to the future, Cofield hopes the city can continue to diversify their industrial base and further boost the median household income. He acknowledges, “After attracting the Japanese automotive company, Newman Technology, in 2012, I think there’s other opportunities in the automotive sector. There is room for second and third tier suppliers in that facility, which is huge and, so we think we can capitalize and get some of those industries in here to create high-tech jobs. Once again that raises the median family income and that attracts new retail.” Speaking to the best attributes of the community, Cofield adds, “This city is diverse, forward thinking and community oriented. I was born and raised in Albertville and it’s absolutely a nice place to put down roots.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Aviation College at Snead State n Chambless King Architects