Business View Magazine | December 2020

25 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 THE PRECAST /PRESTRESSED CONCRETE INST I TUTE industry grow by 8.6 percent in 2019 against a national construction average of just 3 percent. We’re on the right side of history in terms of modular construction being a megatrend with fewer people on the job site, less congestion and much quicker construction.” However, it is one thing to ride a megatrend and quite another to convince industry players to ride that trend in your bus, especially when there are other similar buses. PCI sweetens the deal for potential members by offering two key incentives – access to technical resources and benefits from PCI’s educational and promotional work. As Risser attests, “On one hand, members have access to the committees that write the rules, and on the other hand, members can attend lunch- and-learn meetings with local architects and online, and we recently launched a new learning management system that’s going to make that even easier.” The institute expects the new LMS to remotely support engineers and architects who need to maintain their licenses through up- to-date certifications. PCI also recently launched a website called, ‘How Precast Builds,’ geared towards designers and owners, engineers, and architects. It offers information about different types of buildings and structures and the advantages that precast can bring in terms of speed of construction. Speaking about the state of the precast industry, Risser reports, “Our industry is successfully riding the wave towards modular construction, a trend that helped the precast concrete construction Cook Children’s Medical Center South Tower – Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick