Business View Magazine | December 2020

193 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 Proud to support credit unions nationwide. Payments Technology Money Management People Development Risk Management Learn more at Complete, Compliant, & Nationwide support for your Lending Process Appraisals Customized Evaluations Full Title Services Property Searches 201 Marple Avenue, Clifton Heights, PA 19018 888-299-8990 Martin P. Wixted - President – "From Application to Approval to Close, Complete Support for the Financial Community" UT I L I T I ES EMPLOYEES CREDI T UNION their staging area and hotel in Orange, Texas. The crew was thankful for the delivery and shared items with others at the staging area as they left that morning. They were so grateful for UECU’s act of kindness that they sent a framed photograph of the team and a signed Texas license plate, along with a note to express their appreciation. “Just wanted to thank you for all your support during our trip to Texas,” the card reads. “You went above and beyond. It’s great knowing that you and all of Utilities Employees Credit Union views your members as one big family.” UECU also acknowledges the hard work and sacrifice of its members through badges of honor. “For every hurricane where they perform storm duty, we actually create hurricane stickers,” Larkin explains. “Then anybody who has responded to those hurricanes can let us know and we will send them one. We really support those that go into the trenches during difficult times to get power and all the utilities back up for customers who are going through natural disasters.” UECU gives back in other ways, too. “We are a big supporter of the United Way,” Larkin adds. “Last year, UECU and its employees contributed over $33,000 and UECU was ranked in the top 100 companies in our region for donations.” And when the pandemic hit, UECU was prepared. Employees were already equipped with the tools they needed to work from home, allowing the credit union to maintain its high service levels for members and partner companies throughout the pandemic, without any interruptions. UECU also offered aid to its members during this unprecedented time. “When the pandemic struck, we created payment and loan-relief options to help our members keep their finances on track so they could concentrate on what matters most – taking care of their families,” shares Krevolin. “These options included forbearances and waiving skip-a-pay fees on eligible loans. We also offered loan discounts to help members who may need a personal loan.” Looking to the future, Utilities Employees Credit