Business View Magazine | December 2020

17 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 Jeff Guberman, CEO, McVeigh Global Meetings and Events: “I’d say ‘rejuvenation’. It’s a time for optimism. Time for us to come back to life and embrace returning to a world of live events. Even outside of the meeting and events world, we need to embrace coming back together in so many different ways.” James Paolino, Esq., CEO, Res/Title: “I’m going with ‘adaptation’. Nine months ago COVID-19 forced companies to go remote. Now we’re good at remote. People have better balances in life – they call it the family harmony between business and family. And I think the pandemic forced us to be better at what we do. So don’t let it end when the vaccine comes out. Always now adapt to a better way of life, and harmony, and balance with everything. We got that out of the pandemic with being able to work at home or in the office and being just as efficient. But I still would like to see this pandemic end!” Suzanne Dale Estey, Executive Director, Washington Economic Development Association: “Today, with this divided nation, I would like to see ‘stability’ and ‘unity’ somehow become the drivers of our institutions again.” Power Question If “COVID-19” and “Adapt” are the buzzwords for 2020, what would you like to see trending for 2021… and why?