Business View Magazine | December 2020

151 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 SNA INTERNAT IONAL There is this enormous disconnect between public expectation and the reality of the forensic science world.” Carr goes on to explain that with Rapid DNA testing, a technology that’s been around since 2010, DNA can be used to identify an individual just about as quickly as they do it on television. “Rapid DNA testing was designed to be used by non-technical personnel, and for that reason, there’s been concern from the forensic science community. The concern is that a non-technical person may make a mistake in analyzing what the DNA profile data is telling them. From a legal perspective, if mistakes happen, the integrity of DNA for evidentiary use could become compromised. This concern has slowed law enforcement’s adoption of the technology. It is the DHS SBIR grant funds that have allowed SNA to develop the automated reach-back software package that will sit between the Rapid DNA instrument in the field (the one being used by non-technical, law enforcement officers) and the more traditional laboratory setting (a remote, accredited facility staffed by subject matter experts). Because of how well the company understands the operational requirements at the edge and the need to enforce forensic discipline at the laboratory level, SNA is filling a unique niche. They’re creating solutions that are not only moving the forensics industry but can change the way the criminal justice system uses DNA. “This software isn’t just for prosecution purposes, it also exonerates the innocent” Carr clarifies. “On TV, they’re using DNA analysis to speed the investigation, and too often, because of the delay in processing, that doesn’t happen in real life. But with SNA’s solution helping ensure the integrity of the data, it can.” Having already made the Inc. 5000 list twice – this year earning the 150th position with close to 2500%