Business View Magazine | December 2020

11 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2020 BUILDING BRAND TRIBES IN A SHIFTING ECONOMIC LANDSCAPE OPENING L INES I t’s no secret that during the current coronavirus pandemic, the economy has changed, and quite dramatically too. And because of the times we’re all finding ourselves in, building brand tribes has never been more important for both brands and influencers. In today’s world, influencer marketing has become so much more than just gifted products and using #AD on an Instagram post. Now, influencer marketing is more strategic in some ways, but also much more authentic than ever before. And a huge part of influencer marketing is building brand tribes. Amelia Neate, senior manager at Influencer Matchmaker, has explained why brands should focus on building brand tribes and why engagement between influencers and consumers is so important. Building brand tribes Although something that has been a part of the advertising world for quite some time, the term ‘brand tribes’ is still relatively new. But what exactly is a brand tribe? Essentially, a tribe is a group of people that share the same values, beliefs and ethos as a brand or product. And now, influencers have the ability to truly connect with their audience, meaning that they are a great way for brands to create their very own tribe. Tribes aren’t just consumers of a product or brand. They have much more involvement in its promotion, creating a working relationship between brands, influencers and audiences. Gymshark is a fine example of creating a brand tribe. From the very beginning of their journey, Gymshark have placed consumers at the very heart of what they do and create. And with this, the athlete community was born – their very own tribe. The athletes become representatives of the brand by wearing the clothing, using their products and sharing it all across social media. Gymshark have always been ahead of the game, and their athlete community is proof that building brand tribes is beneficial to the brand, their revenue and increasing brand awareness. Today, there’s a whole plethora of ways for brands