Business View Magazine | December 2019

43 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 BLUI P INC . company. We have about four or five applications that we take to market through various channels to various verticals. For hosted PBX, with Microsoft Teams coming out, we built an overlay application that helps turbocharge that environment and helps Microsoft Teams replace large enterprise PBX and Contact Centers. Today, we’re half distributed by channels – we have about 110 resellers and agents out there reselling our products, some under their own labels. And we do about 40 percent direct. We go after verticals including hospitality, healthcare, education, large enterprise, and distributed nationwide enterprise. We provide E911 support, the number porting, Network Connectivity (4G LTE Backup & SDWAN), and can provide the 800, long distance service. So we’re a one-stop shop for reseller and direct customers.” As part of its function as a software company, BluIP builds integrations and software products like BeHive (a mobile staff communications application) that are integrated in with BluIP