Business View Magazine | December 2019

300 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 “Transformed Art” in many forms ranging from canvas, sculpture, film and stage to wine, food, activities, and music. On the history front, Shafter is also home to Minter Field, which began operations in June 1941, and saw heavy use during World War II. Approximately 7,000 troops were stationed at the airstrip which also hosted up to 600 prisoners of war. Today, the facility is publicly-owned and administered by the Minter Field Airport District and serves as an industrial center and airport for crop dusters and private aircraft. The onsite Minter Field Museum is housed in the original fire station, built in 1941, and draws a huge number of vintage aircraft enthusiasts to Shafter. Business-friendly, beautiful, welcoming, the City of Shafter is one of those special little gems in the shadow of the big city, and doing exceedingly well, thank you very much. PREFERRED VENDORS n Wonderful Real Estate Development Wonderful Real Estate (WRE) is a developer of industrial real estate for a broad range of corporate users. Since 2015, WRE has invested more than $700 million in capital projects related to food and beverage processing and warehousing facilities for our their own operating businesses, as well as industrial facilities for a broad range of third- party clients in the energy and logistics fields. They are part of The Wonderful Company, a privately held $4 billion+ company owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick. The Wonderful Company’s operating businesses grow, harvest, bottle, package, and market a diverse range of health- oriented consumer products, such as nuts, citrus fruits, water, wines, and juices. n Varner Bros., Inc. n R&O Fishing Tools 661-589-2796 n Tel-Tec Security Systems, Inc. Minter Field