Business View Magazine | December 2019

284 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 PREFERRED VENDOR n Steve P. Rados, Inc. Steve P. Rados, Inc. has been in business as a General Contractor since 1922. We have a proven record of outstanding performance on diverse and challenging projects, specializing in pipelines, bridges, highways, and treatment facilities. Along with our strong safety culture, we maintain a reputation of excellence in building quality construction projects. it is an older, agriculture-based community, diversity is a focus and the city is excitedly eyeing the future; catapulting ahead with these forward-thinking projects in transit, transportation, and water infrastructure. Modesto also struggles to deal with many of the same things as other California communities. Reeves admits, “We have a big issue with homelessness that our residents are all too aware of and expecting the city to address. We feel that we’ve done that fairly well; as a result of the 9th Circuit Court ruling a year ago that says we cannot criminalize or penalize a homeless person for sleeping outside if there are no available beds elsewhere in the city, we created an Outdoor Emergency Shelter – an opportunity where folks could sleep under the stars with tents we provided. That’s become a model for communities across the state. It also addresses our business climate for the future, because if we aren’t addressing the needs of those residents, then we don’t really have a business climate to promote outside of the area. With our 150th anniversary coming up, we’re tackling these major issues with transportation, water, homelessness, and affordable housing, head on.” The City of Modesto is making great strides in its objectives to prioritize “Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health” for its citizens and businesses. And future generations will be blessed with the results.