Business View Magazine | December 2019

248 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 PARTNER THANKS SPONSORING VENDORS n Partner Energy A thoughtful approach to energy efficiency and sustainability is key to daily operations, accessing capital, maintaining compliance, and demonstrating a commitment to ESG. Partner Energy’s engineers and consultants support sustainability goals throughout a building’s lifecycle. Our technical expertise and policy insight helps clients develop and implement strategies that endure. n ERIS - Environmental Risk Information Services n Red Plains Surveying Company “We’ve been on several Fastest Growing Lists – for Inc. 5,000, there are only about 100 firms that have been on it as long as us. But who cares if we grow 50 percent, or five percent, or not at all? Let’s just be proud of how we get there,” Derhake says. Burrola adds: “When our executive team explores any new big ideas for the company, our most significant consideration is our mission statement, and most often, we end up adopting values-based decisions.” Sticking to their values and internal mission has guided Partner’s growth into a market leading firm and trusted brand. As they look ahead to achieving even bigger goals and innovating products for an ever-changing real estate landscape, those values will continue to be guiding foundation for all they do. Partner remediation teams supervise the removal of an underground storage tank