Business View Magazine | December 2019

24 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 Q & A infusion from Decathlon Capital came at a peak time that was necessary to continue this growth pattern. 3. Are there any growth numbers you can share as of now (how much you’ve grown since capital infusion, data/numbers)? Since gaining funding from Decathlon Capital, we have been focused on reworking our original business model and re-creating a foundation to build upon for the next few years. We’ve closed around $40 million in revenues as a business in the last three years, and it took us getting to this point in order to go back and start laying the groundwork to create stable company growth. This time around, we are rebuilding on concrete instead of quicksand, which will make growth more reliable and sustainable. 4. In what ways did the funding from Decathlon Capital catalyze your business growth? The funding from Decathlon Capital put us in a position to sustain our growing business model. We needed capital in order to expand, and partnering with Decathlon was a lot faster and more advantageous than going with a traditional lender. I also liked the fact that they didn’t require us to surrender any equity. It’s been a necessary year for us to create a sustainable foundation, but next year we’ll be able to really take what we’ve built and scale it to be a lot more profitable because of what we’re putting in place right now. 5. If you could tell business leaders/companies seeking funding one thing about revenue-based financing, what would it be? Entrepreneurs and business owners should explore all of their options when seeking funding. Equity funding isn’t right for all companies, especially smaller companies that have a lot more room for scalability. You need to weigh all your options. Would you rather give up a stake in your company long term for short term cash flow? For me it didn’t make sense. It was also important for me to find a true partner that could provide not only cash up front, but support for business growth. For entrepreneurs that are just getting started, especially hyper- growth businesses that need cash to continue to scale and grow, revenue-based financing is a great funding model so that you don’t give up equity too soon in your business at a lower price point.