Business View Magazine | December 2019

21 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 P lease provide a brief overview of your company, the service you provide/product you make, and the main audience you serve. My business partner Terry Steinberg and I founded Provengo in 2004. We launched with an initial focus on providing products and logistics services to the United States Department of Defense; items consisting of protective and operational equipment. In 2014, we integrated a complimentary business line,, a closed site for the Active Duty, Veteran or Retired individual from all branches of the Federal Government, First Responders, and Law Enforcement communities. provides apparel, tactical and outdoor lifestyle products at a significant discount Provengo With President and Owner, Chris Barbarino from brands like Benchmade, Costa, Garmin, YETI, and many more. 1. Did you ever explore VC or other equity funding? If so, explain why you did not move forward with that option? When we originally launched Provengo in 2004, we were self-funded. Our business model operated as such that it didn’t require a capital infusion until this year. Quite honestly, our investment needs were not palatable for the VC or family- funded channels, so we decided to explore alternative financing options that would be a fit for our specific needs. 2. What were your original goals with the funding from Decathlon Capital? The primary investment from Decathlon Capital was used to support our business channel. We demonstrated proof of concept with the business model but realized last year that in