Business View Magazine | December 2019

160 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 links between people. Our management team, other than retirements, has been very stable and even though our ownership has changed, we’ve been able to maintain who we are as a company. I think both owners, FMC and MODEC, recognized that we were different from their culture, and they allowed us to maintain our identity. Our long term employees are proof that those decisions were correct – we are a proud company with great employees that thrive in the challenges that we face in a growing and technically challenging industry.” and before that he was with the company for six or seven years in various engineering positions,” Duggal shares. “David’s been at SOFEC 27 years, and I’m in my 25th year. And there are many people like us. Our two senior construction managers have also been with the company over 20 years. In a competitive market like Houston, where we’re surrounded by energy companies, we’ve been able to retain a lot of our people and their knowledge. Usually, in the construction industry, people move from company to company chasing projects, but we’ve been lucky to have a continuous stream of projects over 25 years and we’ve been able to have everyone still be part of the team. “So, I think it’s a fairly unique culture and one of the interesting things we find is that even the younger people we bring in are all looking forward to being here ten plus years from now. We’ve doubled in size over the last decade, but we’re still small enough where everybody knows everybody and we try to maintain these organic PREFERRED VENDOR n Oceantech Ocean Technical Systems (part of EATON Electric Limited) have been supplying the offshore industry since 1980 and are a leading supplier of CALM buoy remote monitoring and control equipment, including mooring hawser tension monitoring, remote subsea PLEM valve control, and SIL rated solutions for pressure surge detection and emergency shutdown.