Business View Magazine | December 2019

109 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 F O R T H E P A T I E N T G reg Savino founded Baybridge Pharmacy Corp. in Bayside Queens, NY in 2015, four years after receiving his doctorate from St. John’s University. “I didn’t always have the desire to be a healthcare professional,” he reveals. “That instinct only started after I got one of my first jobs at the age of 16. I found a position as a stock boy in a corporate retail chain and the pharmacy department sparked my curiosity. As I learned more about pharmacy as a profession and industry, I grew more attracted to it. While applying to pharmacy programs in college, I transitioned into the pharmacy department within that same retail store. As I progressed through my years of study, my appreciation and respect for pharmacists and their roles as healthcare professionals grew, as well. Upon graduating, I stayed with the company and accepted a position as a registered pharmacist. “Not long after, I was offered an opportunity to work at a newly acquired specialty location, focused primarily in oncology, HIV, and transplant,” Savino continues. “It was there where I really honed my skills. I started as the oncology pharmacist and, shortly after, managed the entire pharmacy and front-of-store. I experienced, firsthand, the struggles patients encounter AT A GLANCE BAYBRIDGE PHARMACY CORP. WHAT: A customer-oriented, community pharmacy WHERE: Bayside Queens, NY WEBSITE: BAYBRIDGE P H A R M A C Y Corp.