Business View Magazine | December 2018

98 99 A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENING X YMOGEN, a family-owned, health sciences and nutraceutical company, based in Orlando, Florida, provides high-quality dietary supplements and func- tional food products in the areas of lifestyle, women’s health, men’s health, cytokine bal- ance support, adrenal support, cardiovascular health, blood sugar support, body composi- tion, immune health, sports nutrition, antiox- idants, bone health, detoxification, essential fatty acids, and probiotics. XYMOGEN was founded in 2003 by its President and CEO, Brian Blackburn, on the premise that professional dietary supple- ments should be made available, exclusively, to licensed healthcare practitioners who would then advise their end users as to their correct usage. “Our goal was to create a truly exclusive line of formulas, create a medical board of advisors as a sounding board for our customers, and then the third most important component was innovation,” Blackburn states. “Those are the three reasons – exclusivity, medical board advisors, and innovation– that we thought there was a void in the market- place, and we wanted to fill that void. And I BRIAN BLACKBURN, CEO AT A GLANCE XYMOGEN WHAT: A health sciences and nutraceutical company WHERE: Orlando, Florida WEBSITE: