Business View Magazine Dec-Jan 2018/19

68 69 Packaging Association CONNECTING, ADVANCING, LEADING T he Flexible PackagingAssociation (FPA) is the association for manufacturers and suppliers of flexible packaging.Estab- lished in 1950,the FPAhas seen the industrygrow from$400million in the early1950s to $31 billion today.Flexible packaging is at the forefront of important packaging trends in product protection, design and performance,consumer convenience, and sustainability,all of which positively impact the environment,consumers,and businesses. Flexible packaging is anypackage,or part of a package,whose shape can be readilychanged.It includes packagingmadewith paper,plasticfilm, foil,metalized or coated paper and film,or a combi- nation of anyof thesematerials.Flexible packaging includes bags,pouches,labels,liners,wraps,roll- stock,and flexible lidding.This packaging includes everyday food and beverage products such as can- dy,salty snacks,yogurt,and beverages; as well as health and beauty items and pharmaceuticals,such as aspirin,shampoo,and shaving cream.Flexible packaging is also used for medical device packag- ing,such as absorbable sutures and artificial joints. Flexible packaging has facilitatedmanyof the products in our grocerystores today—products that simplydidnot exist a fewyearsago.Today’s shoppers buybaggedsaladgreens that staycrispfordays; frozenvegetables that steamright intheirpackag- es; poucheswithsnacks that stayfreshwithzipper closures; antibacterialwipes; andeasy-to-useand transportable laundrydetergent,amongothers. Consumers are conscious of the products they purchase and the packaging that holds and pro- tects those products.Theyare seeking the con- AT A GLANCE THE FLEXIBLE PACKAGING ASSOCIATION WHAT: A trade association WHERE: Annapolis, Maryland WEBSITE: &