Business View Magazine | December 2018

50 51 tivity,about automating amanufacturing system to create the repeatabilityprocess (that’s Industry3.0), but then using data and data collection systems to get information out of the automation systemand using that information to improve qualityand productivity. It is equivalent to going for a run and using a FitBit; you have a graph on your iPhone that shows howfast you run,howfar you ran,howmanycalories you burn, and you use that information tomonitor your overall performance to reach your goal.That’s what Industry 4.0 does for themanufacturing system. “In our Iowa facility,we are able tomonitor all the manufacturing processes and our scrap rate is abso- lutelyminimal.We deliver 5,000 parts per month to our customers using this technologywith a perfect performance and no rejects.Wewere one of the 324 Suppliers of theYear receiving the 2018 Silver Boeing Performance ExcellenceAward.When you have the right information at your fingertips tomonitor the manufacturing process,and it’s all automated,the level of value you can add is phenomenal.So,Quatro Com- posites was a great acquisition.” BVM: What type of companyvalues are part of your growth strategy? Cagnatel: “When I stepped in a year ago,we had two businesses at almost opposite ends of themanufac- turing spectrum–verydifferent products,but with so much to offer to complement each other.We discussed a strategy for growth and howto integrateQuatro Composites andAIMAerospace.The answer we found was to create a newAIMAerospacewhere all sites at both companies wouldmerge their talents and ca- pabilities to gain themost value.So,we involved the AIMAEROSPACE whole team in choosingwhat values would drive us in the rebranding of AIMAerospace.Because,we want to give people something to relate to,not just a job. “When deciding on those values,we put safety first.In 2016,we had 169 recordable incidents within the company toOSHAStandards.In the second half of 2017, we stepped in as a leadership team and put safety first, bringing down recordable incidents to 111.This year, at the half-way point, we are at 29. Safety was and still is our first and major concern.We also talked a lot about treating people with dignity and respect; about integrity in delivering what we promised to our customers, ourselves, and our shareholders; trust,at all levels –management andworkforce as one team. “Andwe talked about engagement.If you get a thousand people in a companydriving towards the same goal,nothing can stop you.Last,but not least, we talked about passion.We dedicate a lot of our time to the companyand if we’re not passionate about what we do,if we don’t trulybelieve in it,we’re wasting our time.We talked about howwewould lead using those values and thenwe talked about the strategy.Bydoing so,we attracted a phenome- nal amount of newtalent that is going to take this company to the next level. “We had leaders frombigger companies join us, forming a verydynamic team.Wewent froma 90 percent male-dominated leadership team to 50-50 male and female,withmuchmore ethnicdiversity- more vibrant,and engaging.It’s about managing as a team,not just top-down leadership.In themanu- facturing base,we’re seeingmorewomen come into the technical arena,whichwe reallywelcome.It’s reflecting the profile of our companyat every level.It also reflects the profile of our customers.In the past, Definitive Solutions & Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the waterjet industry. One of our owners received a patent in Waterjet Technology while working at a leading Waterjet Machine Manufacturer. Because our knowledge of Waterjet cutting capabilities and applications is extensive, wearea “cut” aboveotherWaterjet cutting companies. DS&T is anAS9100Dand ISO9100:2015 Certified Industrial Cutting Services company located in the Seattle area. Definitive Solutions & Technologies often figures out how to cut that difficult part correctly when most companies cannot. The next time you have a job that requires cutting please think of us. Our knowledge, experience and equipment clearly define DS&Tas your best choice. Contact us today: Phone: 253.854.7179 Website: E-mail: DS&T is ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Quality Management System Certified. DS&T has been ISO Certified since 2002. Solutions… the first time! IndustriesWeService: Aerospace | Medical | Construction | Architectural Decorative | Advertising | Maritime | Mechanical Military | Tooling Industrial | Automotive Residential | High Tech Give DS&T a try. We make things work even when others can’t.